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A butchery is a high-risk environment, with produce being received, handled, refrigerated, frozen and/or distributed. Blue Mountain supplies a compact and effective range of SABS foodsafe products for use in butcheries, as well as products to assist with the maintenance of free-flowing, non-odorous drains. Heavy-duty floor care tools, protective wear for staff, fly control solutions and assistance with cleaning processes are also available. Dosing equipment and dispensers, plus a wide variety of cleaning consumables, are available too. Our laundry products are ideal for getting those stubborn blood and fat stains off uniforms. The staff complement needs to be well trained regarding their responsibilities as handlers of raw meat and poultry (in line with HACCP requirements), and Blue Mountain provides this training as well as invaluable follow-up support visits. Washroom servicing and assistance with fly control products is available too.

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